Under normal circumstances each cargo is insurance covered by the transporter, however the standard compensation of your special & valuable cargos might not always be equal to the real estimated value of it. Even though the technologies we have today downgrade damage almost to zero risk, we suggest our customers to secure their special cargos.

Upon your request our team helps you on anything about insurance.

Packaging and Documentation

For general and dangerous goods shipments, we provide a total solution for your transportation needs. Not only providing vehicle but also preparing your load to move is also our job.

Both general and dangerous goods we provide packing materials and service as per standards and international regulations.

For dangerous goods we can provide UN type dangeorus goods packing and documentation service. Our team is trained and experienced about dangerous goods shipments.


To provide you a total service, we can assist you to complete the formal customs formalities for your export, import shipments, ATA Carnet, inward processing and everything related to customs. Also by our wide agent network we can assist customs Works abroad too.

Head Quarter & Sales

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